Cloudwalker Teas looks at several key components when evaluating teas to make available to our clients both online and from our Gatineau location in the following order: clean and clear, high energy (chi), flavour and aroma. We work closely with a tea master to find teas to make available in Taiwan and China for the Canadian and North American markets, and we choose only the best. Our oolongs are particularly well respected. Our pu erh is also very high grade stuff.

Cloudwalker takes its name from the Taoist renunciates of ancient China, living on the fabled but steep Hua & Mao mountains. The peasants living below believed the “cloudwalkers” to be immortal and the keepers of mystical powers, largely because their perspective suggested the renunciates could walk on the clouds. The cloudwalkers chose a different path than the Taoists to enlightenment: Cha Dao or "the way of tea". So the name for our company was born from this respect for excellent Chinese tea.

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