Famous yellow chip wagon on the corner of Bank street and Sunnyside. Open 7 days a week 365 days a year! Rain or shine you can get your poutine, fries or burgers at all hours of the night!

Grilled Cheese Sandwich at M&G Chip Wagon
Foods from M&G Chip Wagon

Jul 6
Just had a poutine from M&G's. Eddy was as always endearingly surly. Poutine was better than expected. Plenty of fresh chips, lots of curds and good generous gravy. Open very late with good prices. Deservedly thought of as a local institution, despite the last update being from 2010.

2010 Aug 17
Perhaps some of the best french fries available in Ottawa can be had at M&G's chip wagon on the corner of Sunnyside and Bank Streets. A little peckish while waiting for the bus, I opted for a small container of fries, thinking that I could pop them in my mouth before the bus arrived, only to be surprised to see that they are offered in a American style "small" container - think super sized as in McDonalds.

The yellow Ford truck that houses the chip wagon has seen better days and as I was waiting for my fries to be prepared, I wondered how many layers of grease were keeping the metal box held up, that and the layers of exterior paint.

There are 2 benches that offer diners the option of dining al fresco, although in October, everything outdoors is al freezo.

2010 Aug 17
Here is a delicious grilled bacon, tomato and cheese sandwich! mmmm So crunchy, buttery and salty! Really hits the spot!