The Fryz Guyz Chipwagon is located at 1696 Montreal Rd, near Blair Rd; next to the animal hospital by the TD Bank. It is owned and run by a very nice woman who has her young daughters helping out during the summer season.

They offer a wide variety of combos and even offer a Springroll Special on Mondays and a Fish & Chips Special on Fridays.

A must try for anyone who loves fresh, oishii (yummy) food made with happiness and love. The Fryz Guyz always provides all customers with FREE SMILES :)

Fish and Chips at Fryz Guyz
Foods from Fryz Guyz

2013 Jun 17
Tried out Fryz Guyz for the first time yesterday. Ordered a medium poutine. WOW! My craving was seriously satisfied!

They are very generous with their portions. The fries were loaded with cheese and the gravy was abundantly plentiful. It was all perfectly harmonious and super duper scrumptious! GREAT gravy!!!


2010 Aug 27
I went to the Fryz Guyz today for their F&C Friday Special and they ran out as of 4:00PM!! Apparently their fish is never frozen and is freshly made every Friday. I guess that's why it always sells out fast as it is hard to estimate exactly how much fish you're going to sell in a day (while keeping things fresh)!

As far as I know, they sell their special all day BUT might I suggest coming during lunch hours? Or calling in ahead to reserve your order (I've seen quite a number of people come in to pick up multiple orders of F&C as I waited for mine). Their number is 613-818-1182. I hope that helps! :)

2010 Aug 23

Would you happen to know if they serve fish and chips throughout Friday until they close, or certain hours?


2010 Aug 6
Fish and chips!! Freshly made every Friday for their special. It comes with tartar sauce and lemon, and a pop as part of their combo. I never had F&C before this; it was so good! I recently ordered F&C from another restaurant over the long-weekend and IMO it wasn't even comparable! The fish at "Fryz Guyz" didn't have that aweful fish smell/taste.. if that makes any sense. I think the batter is a beer batter (don't quote me). Good stuff! I highly recommend everyone to try this! It really is THAT good!