Afghan restaurant near Ceylonta. Formerly Kebob King.

Salang Kebab House
Salang Kebab House
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2012 Apr 13
Fresh Foodie has hit the nail on the head with his review.

My family loves the food here because it is fast, simple and has delicate flavour. I do like the tomato chutney or salsa they provide, it is tangy and has a litle kick to it.

The portions are generous and reasonably priced.

2012 Jan 14
Here's a close up picture of my first helping. :-)

2012 Jan 14
I picked up the $50 Family Pack for takeout on a Friday evening. Service was friendly and the wait was less than 20 minutes. The dining room is fairly large but not a lot of people were there at 5:30.

I would say the Family Pack is able to feed 6 adults. Or 4 ravenous teenagers. Or 4 parents and 4 young children. Either way, it's a lot of food! Here's the breakdown:

* 4 Afghan Naan
* Generous tray of undressed lettuce, cucumber, and tomato
* Huge tray of rice (you can't see how deep it is in this picture)
* 4 Shami Kabob (seasoned ground beef)
* 2 Chicken Kabob
* 2 Beef Tikka Kabob
* Qorma (choice of beef or chicken) - I went along with the server's recommendation of beef

We dressed the salad ourselves at home with a sprinkling of salt and a trickle of olive oil. The Naan is delicious but is best enjoyed fresh. The rice is tasty and moist, and there's a lot of it. The kabobs were all a little overcooked and dried out, but they tasted nice. The Qorma was like a very lightly spiced curry -- lots of yummy sauce for moistening the naan!

Compared to the ubiquitous family shawarma platters available in Ottawa, the Afghan offering is significantly milder tasting and overall less oily. This is probably a good thing for kids and those on low fat diets.