Located in Old Hull, few blocks from Place du Portage and Civilization Museum, La p'tite épicerie du quartier is a convenience store, fine grocery and café-deli.

The fine grocery includes pastries and Art Is In BakeryArt-is-in Bakery bread, Mediterranean and Maghreb's imports and specialties (including freshly home-made tabouleh, hummus and baba ghanouj), and organic fair trade coffee (La Tierra Coop).
The deli section has harrira soup, over 15 different types of sandwiches (on Art-is-in Bakery bread!), baklavas and freshly brewed La Tierra's coffees...

Review from "Voir" (French version of "Hour")
"La p'tite épicerie du quartier: Vivre d'amour... et de pain frais!"

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"Bonnes bouffes ŕ petit budget: Manger sans se ruiner"

Foods from La p'tite épicerie du quartier

2012 Dec 5
This place is a real gem. 10/10 Absolutely superb.

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