The first winery in Leeds/Grenville County and 1000 islands region. Opened their doors (as a winery) on June 10, 2006. It began with just 4 varieties of fruit wine and over the last 3 years have grown to nearly 30 varieties. (Source: Countryman Estates Winery brochure)

Foods from Countryman Estates Winery


2009 Jun 25
We were at a local food event last night and Countryman's winery was there with at least 20 (!) different types of fruit wine. I was rather sceptical as I have had some ermmm - different fruit wines. However I was very pleasantly surprised by these. The one that shocked me the most was the rhubarb wine - I never would have guessed that it was rhubarb based. It was lovely, light, dry and very pleasant for a hot summer drinking wine. We purchased some and plan to go to the winery later in the summer. We also had a very pleasant and interesting conversation with the owner. They grow all their own fruit or source it locally (the apples and the cranberries). We also sampled several white varieties: Pumpkin Patch - also dry, a bit more fruity, quite nice; Flemish Beauty Pear - medium. It was more fruity and could really picture this with a variety of cheeses or a more tart fruit pie; Oriental Melon (second favourite) also quite dry, very pleasant with aromas of the fruit, but not fruity in flavour. Also tried a red variety: Black Current. It was much stronger in flavour. I found it not to my taste but hubby quite liked it. We also tried the 2 iced wines, Frosted Strawberry - is was a bit too strong of strawberries but did mellow when paired with good strawberry ice cream (Pascale's - yum!); the Iced Apple was a bit less overwhelming and also pleasant with the ice cream. Overall a very nice experience and would recommend people try them out for themselves.