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Formerly "Café tournesol"

Foods from Su Casa


2010 Jun 26
The name of the restaurant has changed to "Su Casa". Otherwise, it sounds like nothing much has changed since the previous comments were posted here.

We tried this place for breakfast and it was pretty disappointing. The eggs were extremely undercooked, the service was glacially slow, some items on the menu were unavailable, and the food was overpriced. When we asked for the cheque at the end of our meal, the waitress nodded and then cleaned three other tables nearby for quite a while. We were then brought a refill of coffee but no cheque.

I read elsewhere online that they require a day's notice if you want to order a paella. Why bother having it on the menu, then?

On the plus side, the decor looked good. You get the sense that if they got their act together that it could become a good little neighbourhood restaurant. As it stands, though, we will not be returning. For a full $2 less, you can get the same breakfast special -- properly cooked and promptly served -- at the nearby T'Basil.

2009 Oct 5
Good name for a small restaurant.
Very limited menu.
Medium-sized portions.

$16 for a medium-sized chicken (5 small strips) and shrimp (6)Ceasar salad is too expensive.

My partner ordered a club sandwich. It came with homemade fries which were too soft and one small kosher pickle. His meal was too expensive too: $12.95. You could pay half that price in other places for as tasty a sandwich.

It seems that the owner of Friendly Restaurant is trying to make a better business, but if prices remain this high and the menu remains so limited, he will chase clients away.

I won't be returning that's for sure!!

2009 Sep 17
My mother had recommended we try this place as it's newer to Orleans and we like to support local business. We met there last Saturday (September 12th, 2009) for lunch. There is a very small patio out front with a few tables and umbrellas. It was filthy. Black, greasy concrete steps leading up to the front door. The patio was vacant but two of the tables still had plates, food, crumpled napkins, and empty cups (these were not cleaned until half-way through our lunch). When we entered, we were greeted by a mumbling waitress (I had to ask her to repeat everything twice) and we sat at a table by the front windows. There were about three other groups of people eating breakfast - the restaurant was 3/4 empty.

We were given the menu - which was very limited and overpriced (in my opinion). We were immediately told they were "out" of burgers, fries, and chicken nicoise. On a Saturday at lunch? How does that happen? This was disappointing because my husband is picky and was banking on a burger. We ordered drinks (no refills). I heard the chef often had specials - but saw none. When I asked the waitress what the lunch special was, she said there wasn't one. I wasn't excited by anything on the menu so I ordered a large salad with dressing on the side. My mother ordered soup and salad (half portion) and my husband ordered a bagel and cream cheese.

When my salad arrived, it was soaked in dressing and was sent back (I had ordered dressing on the side). My mother and I noted my mother's half portion was the same size as my 9$ full portion (I could have added chicken for an extra 5$ but a 14$ lunch salad seemed excessive). When I asked the waitress about the size discrepancy, she confirmed I had "full" and my mother had "half" but went on to explain the chef had made the "half" a little bigger. I felt ripped off. I could have ordered a half portion and gotten just as much for half the price. The salad dressing was great (home made) but the salad was tasteless, and boring. Bland mixed greens from a plastic bag (no taste, some wilted), grated carrot, unripe tomato and a few slices of cucumber. I had been to the Cumberland farmer's market that morning and had purchased an array of lovely local greens and veggies that put this salad to shame. I would have loved to have seen some effort and would have been better off eating at home. My mother's mixed vegetable soup looked good and she said it was tasty.

The service wasn't friedly or attentive.

Side note - I hear this place becomes a tapas bar at 4pm. This seems completely out of place. The "tapas menu" chalkboard listed an array of dishes but didn't describe what they were. The décor and atmosphere reminded me of a "mom and pop breakfast shop." Bright yellow walls and pictures of sunflowers. This is not somewhere I would go for a trendy / exotic evening.