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Good Location, good ribs and steaks
free parking.

Baton Rouge
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Baton Rouge
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2019 Jul 7
Lobster season. The surf and turf was amazing. Chimichurri sauce on the sirloin steak and butter on the lobster tail on a bed of mashed celery root and steamed veggies. It was just amazing.

2014 Jan 21
Been to Baton Rouge a few times always decent service,good food but huge portions. You never leave there hungry

2014 Jan 19
I have had pretty good experiences at this Baton Rouge. Service is always attentive and the food is fairly good. I have to say the downtown Baton Rouge is probably the best all around. I did not have ribs this time but over the couple of years, I would say the downtown location has the most consistent quality of ribs.

This past Friday, we went after work and had a pleasant dinner. My main complaint is that the size of the salads (that come included with any steak dinner) is smaller here than at the downtown location. Service flow was a little uneven but I tend to give benefit of the doubt as little hang ups can happen in any restaurant.

I ordered the mixed greens salad which normally comes with boiled eggs, shredded carrots and cabbage and bacon bits but the eggs and bacon were so small I had to look for it. My husband had the Caesar salad which was good as usual. My salad comes with a side of baguette with cheese gratin so my husband and daughter were both eyeing my piece of bread with envy. The waiter, unasked, came with an extra piece!

My husband both ordered the 9oz steak with a fully loaded potatoe. We were both really satisfied with how it was cooked. Medium rare truly means that! We also had a side of peppercorn gravy. Yummy!

2009 Oct 16
well, it seems that Baton Rouge has gone downhill now.

I had visited about a year ago and had good food and good service.

Now i visited again last week, and got the total opposite. Slow service, smaller portions, higher prices (they charge extra for things they never charged extra on before), and a general disappointment. A few of my friends also went there recently and had the same issues.

It's too bad really.

I had the ribs, and they were very average. I don't know what happened.

2008 Dec 12
We went to Baton Rouge for my wives birthday (she felt like ribs and we live in Gatineau.

We made reservations (a must or you will be stuck in the bar area for a while) for 2 at 18:00. The person who took are reservations was very kind and enthusiastic. Things boded well.

We arrived 10 minutes early and we were told that our table would be ready in a few minutes.

It was.

We were promptly seated and a waited came right away.

She explained the way things worked (if we needed anything and she wasn't around, any other server would be glad to assist). She also went through the evening specials.

The staff was extremely friendly (a big bonus in my book)

We ordered the the battered chicken fingers with dipping sauce. We thought 10$ for 4 fingers was a bit pricey but they were tasty none the less.

I wish someone could explain to me the mountain (and i mean mountain) of fries that came with. There was a ton of them and were even saltier that McDonald's (beleive it, it's true).

Baton Rouge has a great wine list but we both skipped and order margaritas instead (which were very nice)

We both ordered the ribs and they were EXCELLENT but i recommend not ordering fries for a side because, again you get a huge helping of the very salty things.

Elise (my spouse) was given a nice b-day brownie that we shared (very nice for a non-homemade one).

The service was excellent, Ribs as well.

We paid about 80$ for two with the drinks and coffee which is reasonable and i can say that i will go again for the ribs but avoid those fries.

2019 Apr 7
Their calamari deserves a mention. Itís fresh and lightly breaded and mixed with diced tomatoes and aragula.