Foods from Mystiko Greek Kitchen


2015 Feb 16

Went to Mystiko last night with a couple of friends.
Mostly enjoyed, and would be happy to go back again but probably not enough to add to my list of "go to" places.

The dishes:
The saganaki "opa" - absolutely delicious (and who doesn't love seeing a dish that is flambeed).

The grilled calamari - ok, but I would not order it again.
The onions served with made it work, but it did have that slightly rubbery texture. I think I was spoilt by that one time I got the most perfect grilled calamari ever when this place was still Papagus.

The quail - Tasty, but fiddly. A reasonable portion, even if I had to work to eat it (expected with quail)

The pork tenderloin - enjoyed by the friend who ate it

Retsina - enjoyed by all (first time trying for two of us)

Sides: Vegetables (green beans in tomato-y sauce) were quite good. Rice was fine and absorbed flavour from the meat. Potatoes a little tough. Salad was enjoyed by the friend who ordered it but would not have been to my taste (looked bland).

The service:
Initially really slow to take our drink and food orders, but after that was fine.

I liked that they left water on the table so that we could refill our own and also that the water was not iced.

2013 Jun 27
Went to Mystiko for lunch, and had a lovely experience. The decor is very nice and modern, waitress was friendly, and the food was amazing!
I had the chicken souvlaki plate, and shared the moussaka with a friend. Everything was delicious, fresh and hot and be sure to try the Greek ice tea.
I'll be sure to go back soon :)

2011 Oct 29
Went to Mystiko on Monday for a large birthday party. First thing that I noticed was that the pricing of the food did not match up with the menu online. I noticed that a lot of items were 1-2 dollars more expensive than what was posted online.

To start, I split the calamari appetizer with a friend. Calamari was good but nothing special. I chose to have it fried instead of grilled and I was happy with the choice. Someone at the table ordered the saganaki, which is very impressive visually as the waitress flambees the cheese in a pan by your table with alcohol and douses it in lemon juice. It was very yummy.

After the apps were taken away, the salads came out. However, the main courses did not come out until everybody was done with their salad. Not everyone ordered salad with their main so it was a bit awkward as only 4 people were eating and everyone else was waiting for their mains.

My main course was the arnaki stamnas which is baked lamb topped with kefaloteri cheese & roast potatoes. There was a decent amount of lamb but I found it was tough and stringy. There didn't appear to be much kefaloteri cheese in the dish. However, there were a lot of potatoes.

I thought the portion size was decent until I saw the portions of everyone else at the table. My neighbours ordered moussaka and the chicken souvlaki and their portions were huge.

In the end, I felt that I paid too much for food that my wife could have done better at a cheaper price.

2010 Mar 22
Went there for dinner this weekend. I have not been here since it was Papagus.

At that time, I went for lunch and thought it was just like every other Greek resto.

However, I did enjoy my experience this weekend. Could it have been lunch vs dinner experience?

The service was very nice, not overbearing or over friendly, but very nice which is just fine. Nothing to complain about there.

My main course was wonderful - Lamb and our appetizers were pretty tasty and they certainly gives you ample amounts of pita!

The only thing that was dissapointing was the chef's salad which was just like every other Greek restaurant I've been to. However, that could be just what they wish to do - I'm just not a fan of that salad.

I like the decor and the folks there were pretty nice.

I'm not sure I would go back since I have had good lamb at other places, but their prices for the lamb are very good and I'd like to try some of their other lamb dishes :)

EDIT: When I re-heated the leftovers, they were extremely greasy. Which brought me back to why I had always avoided most Greek restaurants save one, which is in Ottawa.

That said, maybe Greek cuisine is supposed to be like this? Admitedly I'm not an expert on Greek, but I have found the food very greasy. I thought the lamb would be different (since I would always order other meats in the past).

I would be grateful to hear from other posters on this.

Back in Montreal, this type of cuisine is all over the place for good prices, and I consider it all "run of the mill", tasting the same with the same menus.

I still maintain this is a nice place though and I like the staff. However, I may not return based on the grease factor - this includes the chef's salad dressing.

I did however love their balsamic vinegar bread dip - I know it is a small thing, but I really enjoyed it.

2010 Feb 26
I will refrain from ad hominem attacks of the negative reviewers, but I will say that it's your loss for not giving Mystiko a second chance.
The Food:

I have been on several occasions and thoroughly enjoyed each meal. I have tried the beef, lamb, and chicken souvlaki and all were delicious......and cooked to perfection. I have also had the filet mignon which, again, was delicious, very tender, and cooked to perfection... which in case anyone doesn't know is rare - and that's not a personal preference that's a fact. :-)

They also have a great selection of salads which can be enjoyed either as an appetizer or as a meal by adding shrimp or chicken. Somehow they always manage to have the nicest looking veggies.

Although I'm sure hardcore foodies will berate me for this one, they actually make the best Hummus I've ever had. I recognize that this is apparently not a Greek food, but why be an ethnist - give it a try!

Also don't forget to try the Saganaki... a.k.a. OPA! a.k.a. cheese flambé'd at your table - NOT nutritious but VERY delicious!

The Wine:

I am personally not a big fan of wine, but according to my dining mates they have one of the best selections of Greek wines around. In particular, the Ampelou Gis comes with a huge recommendation.... even I liked it :-).

The Atmosphere:

I think they've struck the perfect balance between elegance and simplicity. For those who knew the location as Papa Gus, forget what you know. Aside from things generally being located in the same place, everything has been redone. And rather than being adorned with the hideous "blue & white" decore of most Greek restaurants, this place uses darker neutral tones and perfect lighting levels - i.e. you don't feel like you're on the set of a television show but you can still see your food.

The Service:

I think this is the one area which may, at first, seem to be lacking. I admit that when I first visited Mystiko's I found the servers a bit absent and abrupt. I then realized that what I took for rudeness was a combination of politeness, not wanting to constantly interrupt our dinner, and a slight language barrier. Why? Well, because they're Greek! Anyhow, as I returned for further visits they became more and more familiar with my desired level of interaction, and quite friendly.... don't be offended, they're just doing what they think is right by not intruding on your dinner.

The Price:

This is really your choice. If you'd like to have a cheap meal, you could have a salad with chicken or shrimp for about $11 + tax... and it does eat like a meal. However, you could go the distance, start with the Saganaki for sharing, salad, filet mignon, a couple of bottles of wine and your bill will start getting up there. But this is to be expected anywhere that serves quality food and beverage. Ultimately, it's your choice.


2009 Nov 13
Went for dinner last night with my husband and in-laws. We arrived around 8 on a Thursday, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that there were four or five other tables full when we arrived. I figured that the place would be dead so late in the evening in the middle of the week.

I might add that my husband and I were in Greece in June and so were hoping to find some of the great things that we had to eat there.

We started with the Mezzedes (saganaki, eggplant spread, cold dolmades and gigantes). I only tasted the last three. The gigantes were very good, but I found the other two to be a bit lacking. Everyone else enjoyed the saganaki.

Next, I had the vegetable souvlaki which came with greek salad (sans feta for me). I also ordered horta which the server forgot to request from the kitchen. Minor mix up but a bit disappointing. The food that I ate was very good. The salad had lettuce in it which isn't authentic, but what I've come to expect in Canada. It was dressed very nicely with a light tasty dressing. The veg souvlaki came with rice and potatoes and was filling but not heavy.

(As a side note, I was pleasantly surprised to be informed that there were two possible vegan entrees on the menu!)

To accompany the meal, we had the house red (a greek cab sauvignon) which we all enjoyed.

Throughout the meal, the service was attentive and friendly. We had a nice chat with the server, and she was very knowledgeable about the menu.

Our experience was great (even with the forgotten side order), and I look forward to going back again. I must say that the new incarnation is a huge step up from Papagus!

2009 Sep 24
I have not been to Mystiko since my birthday last year. I ordered a chicken dish that was stuffed with spinach and feta (I think) and the chicken was completely raw. They obviously did not charge me for that dish but they did not even give me a glass of wine or dessert for free. I guess they knew that since it was my birthday, I was not paying the bill.

We were a party of 6 and not one of us has returned. They were barely apologetic for the mistake -in my opinion, raw chicken is the single biggest mistake a restaurant can make. Especially when charging over $15-$20 for the entree.

As I recall, the appetizers we ordered were nothing great either. Save your money and find another place to go to.

Ottawa is in great need of fine greek dining restaurants. I just wait to get my fix when I travel to Toronto's Danforth.

2009 Sep 23
I am a Greek-Canadian from Montreal and good Greek restaurants are hard to find in Ottawa. I loved this place so much that I went 4 days in a row. Their lamb chops and lamb ribs are mouth watering. The service was impeccable and the Greek salad was amazing. The fried calamari was very good because it was not full of batter like most places. My friend had the NY steak and she was also amazed. What blew our minds off was the galaktobouriko. Once again, I am Greek and it's hard to impress me. It was, as my friends put it, PHENOMINAL!!!! I am not the owner or even related to them but, if you decide to go, let them know that Dimitri and Sia recommended this place on the net.

2009 Jun 11
I went here for dinner with three other people. I ordered the grilled calamari and some salad that I think was called the Mystiko Special, while my friends all ordered typical souvlaki type dishes. I liked the calamari, but the whole point of ordering grilled over fried was that I was trying to eat light and the squid came in dish filled with oil. I really enjoyed my salad, which came with loads of feta (too much actually, but I just left a lot of it), pomegranate seeds and slivered almonds. My friends found the souvlaki dishes were pretty average and a bit of a rip off compared to most Greek places.

There was some nice music playing and the decor was pretty fancy, but I don't think I'll go back. For that price range, there are better restaurants in the neighbourhood.

2008 Oct 1
This place used to be Papagus. The owner is not the same even though it is still Greek food.

For those who remember Papagus, the first impression walking into Mystiko is "wow". The renovation is beautiful! The decor is modern and clean.

I went for the first time for lunch last week. The service was pretty good although there were a number of things I could nitpick about -- us having to ask for fresh pepper, removal of the 'wrong' side plates.

The food was okay. We started with the grilled octopus. It had an odd smell to it ... almost like smelly socks ... which also translated into the flavour. For my entree, I ordered the roasted lamb. What came on the plate wasn't all that impressive, albeit tasty enough, although it was food I could have gotten as a homecooked Sunday meal.

I would go back simply to give it another try and sample some other menu items.