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Next to the Coliseum movie theatre on Carling.

Foods from Shoeless Joe's


2009 May 11
I was going to chime in and say one nice thing about Shoeless Joe's is that they have all the nutritional info up on their website, but now I can't find it anymore. Have they taken it down because the eye-popping calorie counts were bad for business? If so, it's a shame because I'm sure other similar restaurants' offerings are just as caloric.

2009 May 11
This restaurant recently opened up very close to where I live, beside the Coliseum movie theatre on Carling. It's a franchise, so I wasn't very eager to go there as soon as it opened. Franchise food is so predictable - all oversalted food, chicken wings and massively indulgent desserts. Instead, I decided to wait until a night when I was hungry and wanted to go to a sit down restaurant. That night came last Tuesday when, hungry and desperate, I perused the menu posted outside their door and saw a chicken dish that looked appealing.

The decor is very nice - "upscale sports bar" I would call it, with pleather booths, dark wood floors and (sports fans will swoon), a tv at every table. I had my baby with me so had to order fast - "panko breaded chicken" with mashed potatoes, vegetables and sauce. It came quickly, which was great, but it seemed the chicken had been sitting around a little too long under a heating lamp - some of the breading had fallen off and it didn't have that sizzling, just fried look. The meat was oversalted, of course, but it was tasty and, along with the mashed potatoes, was great comfort food. The vegetables were fine too.

The waitress I had was particularly nice, bringing toys for my baby, extra napkins, and checking on me regularly.

I got some hot tea, gulped it down, and then my baby started protesting so it was time to leave. Overall it was a pleasant restaurant visit with tasty food.

I'm sure it will be very popular with people visiting the movie theatre looking for Western food (it is notable that along this strip of Carling there are 6 ethnic eateries and 2 pizza places, but no "Western restaurants!)