Opened summer of 2007 La Grotta just added a licensed patio at the side of the restaurant summer 2008. They offer generously sized sandwiches (usually with sides of olives and pickled eggplant) made with meats and cheeses sliced to order.
Lunch and dinner times bring home style Italian cooking. A new dish is offered from day to day and can be anything from rabbit to classic spaghetti.
There's an assortment of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages including espresso.
The relaxed atmosphere is suitable for children.

Foods from La Grotta


2009 Dec 22
2.99$ for breakfast (2 eggs, toast, home fries + coffee)? not bad. you get what you pay for!

casual atmosphere--feels like a place for regulars than anything, but i wasn't left feeling out of place at all.

i do prefer this over Meadow's Lunch (also on Preston) for quick + easy breakfast.