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Foods from The Bohemian Kitchen

2008 Oct 20
I stopped in here last week while I had time to kill before an appointment.

The atmosphere was really nice and relaxed. The owner was kind, and funny. It was clear she has a lot of regulars from the banter between her and the customers.

2008 Aug 6
We had an outstanding example of wonderful customer service here with good food.
Last week I took my 2 children here for a quick lunch. We were in a bit of a rush and I wasn't having the greatest of days. After ordering 2 warm paninis that my children assured me they would like, we sat down. One sandwich was outright rejected by one child (I found it very tasty - cheese, zucchini and something else that I can't currently recall). The other sandwich was ham and cheese, this proceeded to be dissected by other child but mainly consumed. I also found this very tasty, moist and satisfying.
The owner/chef then came over as she could see that things were not going well. She proceeded very kindly to ask what my child would like and then went and made a grilled cheese to order - no extra charge.
The service here and attention to the customer here is wonderful and was very much appreciated by me, a frazzled mom that day. The food has always been tasty and fresh. I also like the idea that they are trying to source local ingredients and fair trade items.


2008 Jun 27
The panini here won me over on my first visit when I had the roast beef panini special. Since then I always have one with the soup of the day.

2008 Oct 20
Almost like a cross between a biscuit and shortbread, these were different from the texture I'm used too, but very, very tasty, especially with a pot of earl grey tea.