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Correct name is "Tom YAM Goong" but the "Yan" version is what works for address lookup. A small Thai restaurant in Kanata. Serves a variety of Bubble teas and chef specialties. Take out and delivery now available.

Tom Yan Goong Thai Cuisine
Tom Yan Goong Thai Cuisine
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2012 May 13
I've been meaning to post this for a while now - it was just as I feared: they appear to have gone out of business. It was weeks ago I dropped by to try (again) to find them open but this time the restaurant was closed because of non-payment of rent. Official sign posted on the door.

Too bad...they had great food!

2012 Feb 15
I've gotten takeout from here a number of times, and it is quite good. They also were able to accommodate for my gluten free request. I thought the prices seemed a bit higher than other places by a few dollars a dish, but otherwise I have nothing but high marks for this place.

2012 Feb 15
The food is terrific here. I have enjoyed it immensely even though it was takeout, which means it would be even better enjoyed in the restaurant. BTW: thanks very much to the earlier postings that helped me find a decent restaurant in my new neighbourhood!

My reluctant caveat is: if you can get it. Since moving a reasonable distance from here, we have tried getting takeout 4 times in the past year without luck. 1: they told us they were closing early (7:30) due to lack of customers. 2. they were already closed when we arrived (ie. well within their hours of business, I think it was around 7 pm). 3. they were closed for a private party. 4. (today) closed at lunch for emergency repairs.

So my advice is to ALWAYS call ahead to ensure they are open.

Just in case you think I am being snarky, we eat takeout regularly and this is something I've never before encountered (ie. so many times unavailable for takeout, for a variety of differing reasons). I truly like the food here and hope their lack of availability is not a sign of a failing restaurant!

2011 Jun 27
This is a great option in Kanata, and we had a really wonderful meal here tonight! Casual and pleasant atmosphere, friendly service, and the food was of very high quality.
We started with Popia Goong, whole tail-on shrimp in a fried wrapper with house made plum sauce, served piping hot and not overcooked. We had "S4" as the waiter called it, which the menu calls kao neaw kai yang song tum (see picture) The chicken was flavorful, but grilled a little too long for my taste. The shrimp were nicely cooked and the chopped salad was really amazing. The sauces imparted a sweet/hot/salty flavor that was quite satisfying. It was served with sliced fruit and sticky rice in a small wicker basket.

The last dish we ordered, "S2" Pad neua prix thai dam, was succulent sliced beef cooked in freshly cracked pepper, served sizzling in a skillet with sliced peppers, onions and a rich peppery gravy. It was accompanied by a sweet coconut rice. With iced green tea the bill came to $53 including tax but without tip.

I think Tom Yam Goong is probably much busier at lunch with all the Techies working in the neighbourhood, and they do have lunch specials. Tonight there were only two tables of happy diners enjoying the food.

2011 Jun 27
Thought I'd post a pic of the exterior, as it may be a bit hard to find since it's in a strip mall with a few other restaurants.

2011 Jun 11
Absolutely the best Thai restaurant in Ottawa. A bit far away hidden in Kanata, but definitely worth the drive.

2008 Oct 11
I work near this place and have found it to be a nice hidden gem in Kanata. I have eaten in and the food and service was great if perhaps a bit slow.
I have also done take out from here a number of times and enjoy it very much. I particularly love the little 'money bag' shaped appetizers with meat filling and a spicy dipping sauce. Great appetizer. And their soups are great also.

2008 Feb 3
So glad to find an excellent little thai place in Kanata. Fresh ingredients and excellent service made this a treat!