Foods from Pho Truc Lien


2009 Aug 25
So friendly. The service (quality and speed) was top notch. Unfortunately, the Pho left much to be desired.

It was my first time visiting Pho Truc Lien (I had - and still have - a hankering for good Pho). The woman at the counter (clearly the owner or a member of the owner's family) was incredibly friendly and caring. Chatted me up while I waited for my order (take-out). She made me feel like the most important client in the place (there were about four tables of diners eating in). She said, numerous times, that she hoped I enjoyed my soup.

I got rare beef Pho. Portion size (medium) was definitely good for one person. I had enough noodles / broth / sprouts. I was informed they had no basil (disappointing, because that's very much part of the taste profile I was craving). Their basil was "wilted" and "frozen" so they didn't want to serve it. Focus on fresh!! I was encouraged by this.

I was sad to see only three or four tiny shriveled shavings of very well-done beef. It tasted of nothing. The broth wasn't anything to write home about - like cabbage water. I doubt I will go back.

Perhaps I'll stick to Somerset from now on...