Phở at Saigon Boy Noodle House
Phở at Saigon Boy Noodle House
Foods from Saigon Boy Noodle House

2011 Sep 18
Just to add an update -

We have been back twice since out first visit (at my insistence...can't stop thinking about soup!)

Hubby gets the same thing every time, but I have gotten a different soup each time. First time was pho bo ga, second time was chicken sate soup (thanks to Fresh Foodie's awesome pic and review) and third time I got beef sate soup. Both sate soups were excellent, but I think the spice and beef go particularly well together. I highly, highly recommend the beef sate soup with a big squeeze of lime.

We have had a different server each time, and every person has been kind, efficient, and lovely.

2011 Sep 5
Hubby and I have been on a mission to find vegan "pho" (yes, with the complete understanding that it's not technically pho and more of a vietnamese-style veggie soup). We thought Saigon Pho was our only option, but with the dreadful service we were not keen on returning there. We had incredible success today, and we now have a new favourite Vietnamese restaurant!

We started with the fresh vegetarian rolls. SO DELICIOUS! Incredibly fresh, and with the essential fresh mint inside, they also had freshly deep fried tofu (still warm), rice noodles, cucumber, lettuce, and carrots. Sprinkled with sesame seeds and served with hoisin topped with deep fried onion, these were a huge hit. Everything was crispy and fresh.

Hubby had a veggie rice noodle soup with tons of fresh veggies, tofu, and a fresh homemade broth that had a great oniony sweetness. So good!

I had the pho bo ga. The broth just can't be beat - fresh and...beefy! I find some broths have a manufactured taste, and you can't pick out any single flavour. This was beefy with hints of star anise, onion, and cinnamon. Chock full of beef, shredded chicken breast, and noodles. Best I've had in Ottawa.

The plate of fixin's was generous too -tons of healthy-looking basil, bean sprouts, chilis (hate when we have to specially request these) and limes.

Service was enthusiastic, friendly, and efficient.

We are looking forward to coming back over and over again - although in the future we'll be getting small soups since neither of us could polish off the mediums.

So happy we came across it, otherwise we'd have never stopped in.

2011 May 11
A nice, clean, and friendly place to eat. Appetizers, rice, and vermicelli dishes are a bit expensive in comparison to one of my favourites on Booth.

However, it had a Yummy version of the Pho Ga with shredded steamed chicken(Chicken Noodle Soup). Presentation is really nice here. Server is great too, and apologizes when kitchen has forgotten something.

I`ll definitely will be back for the Pho Ga, and occasionally splurge for the shrimp spring rolls and the beef salad/summer roll.

Remember it's Cash Only here.

2010 Apr 11
What a marvelous place to eat! My friends and I go here religiously for the best pho I've ever had. The staff is speedy and friendly, the restaurant is simple and tidy, and the food will knock your socks off.

I always end up getting the beef pho here because it can't be beat. The sizes are extremely generous, and talk about affordable! The broth is perfect.. subtle and exquisitely tasty. They're always generous with the beef and noodles. Combine these factors with a dollop of hot sauce, a squirt of lime juice, a smattering of basil and a heaping pile of fresh, crisp sprouts and this girl is transported to pho heaven!!

Their other dishes and rolls are fantastic too.. yet another reason to keep coming back again and again.

Keep up the expert work, Saigon Boy!!!

2010 Jan 1
Keep meaning to comment on Saigon Boy. I've been a few times now and am never disappointed. The ingredients are fresh, not overly greasy, the service is good, the restaurant clean and tidy (though I normally get my soup to go). They are cash only which is kind of annoying, but otherwise I have no complaints. I usually order the soup they have on special (shrimp/beef). The spice is just right for me. Sometimes I also get an appetizer comprised of shrimp paste cooked around a stick of sugarcane. Mmmmm.

2009 May 1
My partner and I have been going to Saigon Boy every Tuesday, for supper, for nearly a year now and we have never been disappointed. Admittedly, we haven’t been too many Vietnamese places in town but after we discovered this place we find it hard to try another Vietnamese restaurant. #39 and #40 – veggi pho – best broth ever and veggi vermicelli respectively are phenomenal so also the veggi summer role with tofu.

The staff is friendly and efficient and the wait for the food to arrive is never too long.

2009 Feb 22
Saigon Boy Noodle House is far the best vietnamese food found in Ottawa. I stumbled apon this place after my Wing Chun Class late last year and became a fan of vietnamese food. i had tried a few places in town but never tasted like this place. I will return and i recommend for all fo you to go for a ride to China Town to try the Chicken Pho Ga and The vegetable, beef or Chicken Rice wraps or rolls and not to mention the deep friend shrimp rolls. They treat you like family, very nice folks.Highly Recommended.

2007 Dec 31
Since the great review, myself and 2 co-workers have tried the #37 twice in one week - a great soup!! Staff is great and the service is great. This is my 2nd fav Pho house along with Ox-Head in Kanata with the #HC-4 Spicy stewing Beef. A great winter treat.


2007 Nov 11
Wifey and I came here on Saturday after an Imax movie. This place is on Somerset just East of Bronson and they close at 9pm, which is earlier than other pho places, but then they also serve vermicelli and rice dishes so I guess that's okay. :-)

It's certainly one of the cleaner looking noodle houses in town -- wifey commented that she recognized most of the furnishings from Ikea.

Cash only, but prices are lower as a result. The most expensive menu items are the Large chicken-broth (Pho Ga) soups, clocking in at $7.75. This little restaurant preserves the wonderful reputation of cheap but great Vietnamese food!

2007 Jun 27
Tried out their Pho and a rice dish on two separate occasions.

Generally, it is nice to have a pho place nearer the downtown core that's walk-able distance for lunch. Nice clean and new restaurant, attentive service and nice presentation on the rice dish, which was with beef and chicken shishes.

The Pho was ok, not as good as Golden Turtle, which I think has the best soup in town. However, Turtle is a dirty place and well, lacks in just about every other area besides the taste of the soup.

So it depends what you're looking for….




2007 Nov 11
Whoa baby! My medium 37. Chicken Sate Rice Noodle soup earned its chili pepper icon with flying colours. You can see the thin but angry-looking layer of chili oil floating in the bowl...

I can safely say that this is the spiciest Sate pho I've encountered, even slightly more spicy than the ones I've had at Pho Maxim. I couldn't really taste the broth as a result but enjoyed it very much all the same. The chicken was plentiful, tender, and in nice small pieces.

2007 Nov 11
Wifey ordered a medium 35. Seafood Rice Noodle soup. It came with shrimp, fish balls, and fried fish slices. Her only complaint was that the noodle ratio was a bit high (some people prefer that though).

I tasted her broth and it was actually quite incredible. Not strong-flavoured at all but incredibly delicious in a very subtle way. We agreed that this was possibly the broth we'd had that was least likely to contain MSG. I'm eager to go back and try a bowl of this myself!