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2008 Jul 10
it appears One Fish Two Fish become an fish out of business a couple of weeks ago. A shame, I hope parts of that business reappear.

2008 Apr 4
OneFishTwoFish, Merivale Road
Thumbs up for service, drinks, bread and salads. We both ordered from the lunch menu which had a few selections at reasonable prices. Water to start and topped up later. Nice warm buns, slightly crisp outside and soft inside. Chips were barely ok—chilly and limp-- and the batter fried fish lunch deal was mediocre, lukewarm, soggy and heavy. The crusted tilapia choice left a nasty aftertaste—either the fish wasn’t fresh or it was prepared in advance or maybe both. Coleslaw and tossed salads were both good. We each ate about ½ our plate but neither of us felt well for a few hours after. We were late arrivals on a Sunday afternoon (1:30?), and there were only a couple of other tables occupied. If we lived in the area we might try again at a busier time…Friday lunch might be a better option than Sun. aft. Too bad most of the sides were good but the fish itself wasn’t.

2007 Oct 30
Tried to go there for a late dinner and the restaurant closes at 9pm

2007 Oct 30
Went there for lunch during the week, arrived after 1pm, and it was very busy, almost every table filled. They have a lunch menu, with the most economical item being 6.99 fish chips with boston Blue fish.

We ordered the Encrusted Tilapia (menu reads mild, moist & tender tilapia fillets encrusted with pecans with hand-coated mixture of our chef's own special blend of herbs. Sered with mixed green salad). The fish was very nicely cooked, and the pecan mixture appears to be mixed with panko bread crumbs for a nice light texture, and none of the 'special mix of herbs' were overpowering, it was a great dish. There was a mixed green salad and I don't eat large meals anymore so I cleaned the whole plate and was full, but for other people it might be a bit too light for a lunch.

The other person had the Lobster Lovers Duet (Wrap, Bisque, and mixed green salad). The bisque came in a small ceramic type bowl it was very small but the whole lunch was pretty large so it didn't need to be any larger, but keep in mind it was less than a cup I would say of bisque. There was a half wrap on the plate and a salad. It would be a pretty heavy lunch if you finished the whole thing and was very good also.

All in all, with no special drinks other than water, the bill was $29 which is pretty good for lunch. If you wanted it to be a lower bill you could go fish and chips.

Says lunch served from 11am to 3pm, I would go again.

Lunch was served within a reasonable amount of time. We were in no rush though, so I didn't have my eye on the clock (like some of you who have to have a quick lunch to get back to work)..

2007 Aug 8
I have to agree! We recently grilled trout filets from there and they were absolutely fantastic. A sprinkle of salt and pepper on the flesh and a brush of oil on both sides, then cooked skin side down over medium high heat on a covered grill for 8 minutes or so. Amazing fresh flavour and very nice mixed up with mayo on a sandwich the next day too!

2007 Aug 8
I was in early in the week to browse and something that really struck me was their immense commitment to quality. I did not see one thing in the case that didn't look great. I bought a whole salmon - fresh, fresh, fresh. An excellent shop.

2007 Jul 3
Have bought and enjoyed product from there a few times now, worth the drive down Merivale Rd. It is actually owned by the gent who used to run Lapointes when they were in their heyday, good product, staff are honest enough to tell you what is the freshest. Try the sushi grade Tuna.

2007 Feb 20
Bought some salmon there today. They also had 'organic' salmon. They had HUGE live lobster, and they had a tank with crabs live too. Looks like a great place. They also had sushi grade tuna steaks, which I havent' been brave enough to try yet.