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LifeOrganic offers weekly and bi-weekly home delivery of organic produce with a focus on locally grown items. They also provide a few non-produce items, including dairy, bread, and coffee. Customers can tailor each order or create a standing order to prefer or avoid certain items.

Foods from Life Organic

2007 Apr 12
I've been using their service for a few months now. I'll update a comment when the local growing season starts because I'm expecting the amount of local produce to go up significantly.

For now we receive as much Canadian as they are able to provide, and the rest is coming from more far away places. The quality is always good.

The thing that impresses me the most is the ability to tailor your order. I have used other delivery services in Toronto where they limit the number of substitutions. No such problems with the Life Organic delivery service. Prices are slightly higher than buying at a store, but I consider it the premium of having it delivered to my door.

It's certainly made meal planning easier and cooking a bit more creative. We eat what we've got.