This vendor no longer exists!


A small breakfast and lunch diner hidden in a strip mall near the corner of Bank and Alta Vista. Six dollar breakfasts available.

Foods from Sunset Dining Lounge

2006 Dec 3
I've lived in the area for years now and just passed this place by every time, judging by it's dingy exterior and long faded sign. My favorite small diner closed down this summer, though, and I finally decided to give this place a try. Mostly older couples where there and the atmosphere was quiet and pleasent.

The inside is actually fairly nice, so far as greasy spoon diners go. The service was quick and friendly and the prices cheap. They didn't even mind when I sat there an extra hour after finishing to read for a bit, one of the main reasons I go to diners.

2006 Dec 3
I had the western omelette here and was fairly pleased with it. Sure, it takes and Englishman to properly mess up breakfast, but this was pretty good. The fillings for the omelette were plentiful and the onion was cooked nicely. The potatos it came with were larger slices, lightly fried and dusted with paprika. My only complaint would be in the selection of jams, which were low end and very jelly-like.