La Station Deli Bar
Pizza at La Station Deli Bar
La Station Deli Bar
Pizza at La Station Deli Bar
La Station Deli Bar
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2018 Aug 25
I am getting smarter and asked to replace the potato with vegetables for a very small fee. I usually just have the filet mignon brochette but had the butterfly shrimps tonight. The filet mignon was very well grilled and the shrimps were nicely garlicky. Hubs thinks the Saturday crew is the A team. Everything we ordered was really good tonight! On Fridays, it can occasionally be just ok.

2017 Nov 19
A family favourite. Not because it's the best food, yet we keep coming back. It's essentially a diner with a bit of everything to please everyone in the family.

The brochette is my regular option: pictured the filet mignon brochette with pepper sauce, choice of rice, fries or potatoes, and a side of salad.

My husband had the smoke meat spaghetti and the kids had the fettunine alfredo from the kids' menu which includes a drink and ice cream as dessert.

All affordable prices with a family friendly environment. It is still always packed despite the expansion post fire.

2009 Apr 6
The station is back! My boyfriends family took me there.

IT WAS PACKED. We waited 30 minutes before getting a table, and about an hour or so for our food.

We had a salad and my boyfriends parents had shrimp gratin while we waited.

I ordered a filet mignon with potatoes and vegetables. It was an overly long wait, and it was okay. You could definitely taste the grilled taste of the steak. It was a small portion, and they didn't leave my meat medium rare like I wanted. :( I forgive them because it was a busy night.

My boyfriend got ribs, and it was fairly good. Moist, and served with fries.

We had cocktails too. Boyfriend daiquiri and myself pina colada. Both good.

The parentals had a pizza, and they raved about it.

Servers are bilingual, but no need as I speak French, but taking into consideration I look like I can't speak French because I'm Asian... well, thanks! :) hee hee.

2007 Dec 29
I just wanted to let everyone know that i drove by this morning and it has re-opened, and looks bigger than ever. They did an awesome job rebuilding the whole place and it looks way better than that little resto it used to be. I'll definitely have to try it sometime. The owners sure had it rebuilt fast.. it was a great place for people to go eat pretty much 24 hours a day and it was always packed.

2007 Feb 8
They are projecting to re-open in October 2007. Also, some of the 60 or so employees will have a chance to work at other restaurants in the meantime (part time), like the cage aux sports.. (same owners)

It's good news.

18-07-2007 EDIT: There is a huge "La station" sign now in front of where it used to be, they are starting to rebuild.

Their website now mentions that the re-opening is for this coming fall and to continue visiting the site for updates.

29-12-2007 EDIT: La Station is now re-opened! I drove by this morning and it looks 10 times better than it used to, and way bigger. I'll definitely have to try it sometime.

2007 Feb 7
The owners do plan to rebuild, according to this article:

The source of the fire was a faulty wood-burning pizza oven.

2007 Feb 6
That's terrible! I'll mark it as "gone" for now just so people know they can't go there. Let's hope they rebuild!

2007 Feb 6
Wow ... can't believe the Station is gone. Hope you can get it going again and have the same staff ... you had some great cooks and great food too. Dave as a cook you will make it all come together again!!!

2007 Feb 6
Yes, that's very sad indeed. La Station was a very popular restaurant in Hull and the food was great.

It's a great lost!

2007 Feb 6
La Station burned down last night.. which is too bad.


2018 Aug 25
The Deli pizza is topped with pepperoni, smoke meat, red onion, dill pickles and mustard. The crust was just right tonight.

2016 Aug 4
The La Station pizza is topped with pepperoni, smoked meat, mushrooms and green pepper. The flavour is great. The crust is a little bit on the dry side unfortunately bit I was still very satisfied by this pizza.