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The chocolate shop is stocked with Hershey products. There is a walkway from which you can view the manufacturing process in the factory, but there is limited activity on weekends.

Hershey Chocolate Shoppe
Foods from Hershey Chocolate Shoppe

2008 Mar 9
Yes sad news indeed! I've heard that they were shutting down the Smith Falls plant to open up a new one in Mexico. I guess that cheap labor prevails when it's time to make money...

It's a big loss, not only for Ottawa, but also for the community of Smith Falls which will not be proclaimed anymore as the "Chocolate Capital of Canada".

I've visited this factory once and I was very impressed by the installations.

Now, I'm very sad to see everything go!

2007 Feb 22
Some sad news! The Hershey factory is now scheduled to be closed down over the next year or so. This is a loss to the Ottawa area and makes us just a little less cool. I guess I'll never be able to take my kids there. :(


2006 Dec 6
As of Monday, the Hershey Factory is back up and running once again. They have switched to a new provider of soy lecithin (the source of the salmonella scare).

2006 Nov 12
More news likely related to this: Hershey Canada is recalling a whole bunch of full-size (i.e. non-Halloween) items produced between Oct 15 and Nov 10 (www.inspection.gc.ca)

These products may have been contaminated with salmonella bacteria. Disgruntled employee + raw chicken?? Who knows.

2006 Nov 11
I panicked when I read "Hershey Plant in Smiths Falls shuts down" ottawastart.blogspot.com

...but then I read more and it looks like the shutdown isn't permanent. Some product got contaminated with something and they're shutting it down to investigate and fix.

2006 Nov 3
Did you notice the chocolate kiss lamp posts in the parking lot?

2006 Nov 2
This is an exciting place for the kid in all of us. They have giant vats of melted chocolate, conveyor belts with rows and rows of peanut butter cups and the aroma is incredible!

The walls of the observation corridor are adorned with historic displays and interesting chocolatey facts.

The shop itself carries Reese, Glosette, Chipits, Jolly Rancher and other Hershey brand products. Some items are available from bulk bins. They used to have some broken bars (I remember Peanut Butter Oh Henry) in the bulk section for amazing prices, but I don't think they were there last time I went.