Foods from Marshy's


2006 Nov 12
We three shared

1. Buffalo Wings - medium. I'm not a wing connoisseur but if this is their idea of medium I'd hate to try "hot". The wings were served in a good sized portion, sticky and meaty if that helps haha. Not a fan of wings and/or ribs so I can't really rate them fairly. Just be careful because I think they need to recalibrate their "hotness scale". Ranch instead of blue cheese or sour cream...not sure if that's right.

2. Deep-fried zuchini sticks. Very good! I find it hard to find these anywhere that they don't come out all soggy, or with the coating falling off. Marshy's does a good job with theirs, and the coating is seasoned with something I haven't tasted on z before. Also served with ranch for dipping.

3. Quesadillas. This choice was my contribution to the meal, and it was disappointing. The tortilla was over-cooked and burned in places, and the "package" didn't really hold together very well, with little cheese, and very watery chicken breast cubes inside. We ended up only eating half.

We were all very impressed by the new layout since they changed hands (Used to be Don Cherry's). Lots of booths with TV monitors on each table, although satellite only on the big screen and other tvs which are placed functionally around the place. A bit more style than the "old roadhouse" feel that Cherry's had.

Great service - friendly staff and a smile on everyone's face.

Great place to watch the game - too bad we lost!! Again....:(

I'll go back and try something other than the quesa's. At least I know the beer is cold!