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2012 Jan 27
I used to have a BBT obsession and went EVERYDAY to the location on Dalhousie. I don't understand how I would go so often and not get a proper greeting from the staff. I would try to make small talk during the transaction, but the cashier was stone, so I gave up. If I was considered their most loyal customer, it showed me that they really couldn't have cared for anyone else. Oh and I would show up 30 mins after they opened and many times they wouldn't have bubbles ready. NO BUBBLES? But It's ALL YOU DO. It seemed unprofessional that staff wouldn't get in earlier to prep for the day.
On the other hand, the sommerset location is the opposite, staff are very nice and helpful.. Too bad that both locations that make great bubbas have to be under the same name.

2011 Oct 11
I was safe and ordered the lychee bubble tea, my friend (not so lucky) ordered the plum flavour. Let's just say hers was barely touched.

It's definitely a hit and miss with this place.

2011 Jul 24
Enjoyed this Coconut Sherbet a couple months ago. It's rich and tasty, and the portion is generous (no need to get the larger one that they offer verbally when you order!).

2010 Jul 14
Some of their fruit flavoured BBTs are very obviously NOT naturally flavoured (I find them gross)- but their coconut bubble latte is amazing! I crave it all the time.

2009 Apr 6
Best BBT in Ottawa.
First trip we ordered just normal bubble tea, no slushy stuff. It was good, imho. I got taro and the boyfriend got blueberry. Mine was powdered, so it was "meh". My boyfriends REALLY tasted like blueberry.

The next time we went, we got the slushy type. I got green tea and he got watermelon. Both were of excellent taste.

They have an extensive menu, very chic shop and they also offer shabu shabu in winter and other snacks (like chicken wings and desserts.) I would mostly recommend this place to chill and have BBT, and not eat since it is pricy.

2008 Mar 1
Huge variety of bubble teas in a trendy, stylish shop. Delicious, but a little bit pricey!