Foods from Timothy's World Coffee

2009 Dec 22
I had a candy cane hot chocolate and slice of apple cake last weekend at the College Square location.

They certainly didn't skip on the whipped cream or candy cane sprinkles, which formed an impressive heap on top of the beverage.

Over the past few years they've easily replaced Second Cup as my chain-latte of choice when looking for a place to sit and chat with friends.

2008 Apr 23
My husband doesn't like their mochas compared to Starbucks or Bridgehead. But I like their brewed coffee and espresso based drinks as well.

I generally find Timothy's is hit and miss with their service though. I've had excellent service at the one on Laurier as well as the one at College Square, but the one in Hull at Place du Centre... I rarely go there anymore because they're kind of dicks unless the owner is around :)