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I've been a photographer for Xpress since 2002. Many of my assignments have been for the Food reviews...

In a strange way, I feel somehow already connected to this community!

You can email me at ben@byfieldpitman.com, if you have suggestions for restaurants that you'd like to see Xpress review, and I can pass your message along to our writers!

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2010 Apr 4 UNREAD
Hi B,

I would like a few restos reviewed for www.ottawatonite.com

How can we arrange?


2008 Apr 26
Lol! I probably would have liked to be a part of the Coriander Thai shoot, but I'm actually techically no longer an "Ottawa Foodie" since I moved to Regina a few months ago. I continue to contribute to the forums on this site because I enjoy interacting with the friends I've made, but I no longer post reviews of Ottawa restaurants - or at least I won't until I visit :)

2008 Apr 25
Is your name Ben? You look really familiar...I might have met you on the Electric Gallery's limo tour a couple of years ago.