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I've been eating "nose to tail" for as far as I can remember.

Not so much about food trends, and more about good food -- though if those two worlds collide, then all the better.

Eating is a day to day adventure - I like to discover and try new ingredients (browsing through little 'ethnic' grocers is a past time). Finding a whole in the wall gem is just as exciting as trying out a Michelin starred restaurant. All about the high brow all the way to the low brow: each has its own place and time. My philosophy and approach to eating is informed by my convictions that having a lot of money doesn't necessarily signify a true knowledge and appreciation of food, or refined taste.

Other random observations and rants:

- I'm opposed to any "diet" foods. Full fat. Just eat less of it!
- Similarly, steaks should have a generous amount of fat. I don't believe in lean steaks.
- Are hot dogs the original nose to tail?
- Biggest waste of money: gourmet "condiments" and salad dressings. Seriously, just make your own.
- Another thing I hate: anywhere that thinks it's being adventurous for using tropical fruits like mango
- Yet another thing I hate: the term "fusion"
- Ottawa is in dire need of a good ramen joint
- More experimenting needs to be done with bitter flavours in cooking -- for example, this is a prominent taste in Lao cooking, which is quite unique
- Harold's chicken in Chicago has the best fried chicken.
- Food bloggers need to stop taking it upon themselves to pretend they are professional food critics. Seriously. Just stop.
- Something I could never get sick of: excellent Hong Kong roast pork and duck on a pillow of steamy and fragrant white rice