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I was born and mostly raised in Ottawa; after living in several other places for several years, I'm back in town for the time being.

Gluten doesn't agree with me so I experiment with other flours. I have good gnocchi and pancake recipes, still not satisfied with flat bread...

I've also started toying with dairy cultures, just cow and goat milk yogurt for now. The next step will probably be cream cheese.

I grow my own tomatoes and save the seeds for the next year...I'm not exactly sure how varieties I have now besides Black Crim and Thai Pink Egg because there has been an awful lot of cross-pollination going on these past few years. Unfortunately, my plants got stripped by squirrels a few weeks ago so I still haven't gotten any fruit; fortunately, Critter Ridder and bonemeal seem to be working for the time being.

My husband brews.