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I'm a native Bostonian who comes to Ottawa by way of Motnreal, and I'm looking for great food that doesn't break the bank. I'm an amateur cook with family in the restaurant business for over 10 years, and I love to find hidden treasures, comfort-food havens, and damn good beer.

I like Ottawa well-enough, if there are some things I miss about Montreal, it is this:

Atwater Market
Fairmount Bagels
Au Pied du Cochon
Dieu du Ciel

Some things I miss about Boston:
Fresh, unpretentious seafood
Good Mexican
Good Latin food of all varieties (Chicharones and mofongo anyone?)
Good Latin food of all so
Good Pizza
The North End (especially, especially Mike's Pastry)

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2010 Sep 2
Totally agree with you that we are missing good places for Latin food. It's mostly bland "Tex-Mex" and that's about it. Nary a chicharone in site.

My trip to Frontera Grill a couple years back didn't help the situation, either ;)

2010 Sep 1
I would love to try real Mexican food. After reading your great review or Ahora, I have a feeling I haven't had it!
Also, what kind of freelancing work do you do?

2010 Sep 1
Agreed re: Ahora, it's the best taqueria in town, but compared to places south of the border it doesn't really compare. The owners are Mexican, from Mexico city, but the authenticity ends right around there. You might want to try out La Cabaña on Merivale rd, it's a Salvadoran dive but they serve really good pupusas, chorizo tacos, menudo, fried yucca & salvadoran style chicharrons which are more meaty pork cubes than fatback. Lots of expats of the latino persuasion hang out there. Another place to check out might be El Tucan, but it doesn't really compare to La Cabaña.


2010 Mar 24
Welcome to Ottawa!

Sandwich: Try DeRienzo's on Beech. Simple corner store that has become famous for their sandwiches.

Burger: Vera's burger (butchery) in Bell's Corners has amazing burgers. Also, Chez Lucien has great burgers in the market.

Beer: L'autre L'oeil in Aylmer has one of the biggest selection of imports and the cheapest in town. Not a large food menu though, go for the beer. Pub Italia on Preston also has a huge selection. I think Vineyards as well.

Comfort: Meatball sandwich at the Prescott on Preston. Very simple tasting but so addictive. Also, The Branch in Kemptville is just comfort all around

Bagels: Ottawa bagel shop on Wellington and Kettelman's (carling and bank-24 hours).