Does anywhere in Ottawa sell smoked mackeral? [General]

Sep 29

Sep 30
I believe Lakomka International Deli next to Ikea does. I would give them a call to confirm.

Sep 30
If not, I'd go there anyways for their variety of other smoked goodies, and fermented dairy products, and their pierogies. Oooh, and the cheesecake bars.

Otherwise, maybe Pelican or Lapointe? I know Lapointe had a good selection of smoked fish when I was last there.

Sep 30
Real canadian superstore sells it (atlantic mackerel). Definitely one of the healthiest and most sustainable fish out there to eat.

Oct 11
Have seen it at Whalesbone.

Oct 15
Produce Depot has on occasion, you might be able to order it.

If you are capable of smoking they almost always have fresh.