source for hot sauce bottles [General]

Sep 21
I'm going to try my own hot sauce this year from my backyard peppers. Does anyone know of of local source for bottles? On the web I can find some, they are about $2 a bottle (amazon) or min $100 purchase for $1/bottle costs from Ulimit. Jeeze - glass is a lot more expensive then I was thinking. Anyway if I can find a local source I'd probably go for that, I'm only looking for maybe 12 bottles - any help?

Sep 21
Not sure what size you might be looking for, but maybe try brewer supply stores, or places that sell bottles for doing preserves.
Maybe just normal beer bottles would work.

Sep 22
I've used small, 4 oz I think, mason jars in the past. You can usually get them at grocery stores by the dozen.