Frozen Dough Question [General]

Sep 20
I like to buy frozen Kaiser rolls from my local grocery. I usually leave them on the kitchen counter overnight to rise and bake them in the morning. However, the change in temperatures has stopped this happening. Aside from turning up my furnace, any suggestions for me?

Sep 20
I don't have an answer but I have a suggestion. Might it work it you place them overnight in something enclosed, such as an oven or microwave? A question- where do you buy these rolls?

Sep 20
Put them in the oven with the oven light on. That should give you a bit of heat to help with the rise. Another option, is to put a pan full of hot water in the oven with them.

Sep 20
As Hungry Pete said, the oven light will likely be enough. This is the heat source I use to ferment my yogurt overnight and it's always been sufficient.
My kitchen is fairly drafty in the winter, so if it's a particularly cold day, I'll give it a two or three minute pre-heat with the broiler before working with the light alone.

Sep 21
Just yesterday I thawed frozen dough for pizza and have to admit a bit of creativity was required and took about 8 hours total. First, I put the dough in a water-proof container and let it sit in a small sink filled with hot water. This seemed to help remove the frost and initiate the thaw process. Then, I found a nice sunny window that worked for a couple of hours. Then, I found a nice warm place on top of our refrigerator that was good for a couple of hours. In the past, I have also used our clothes dryer. Let some clothes tumble for about 5 minutes and then let your dough container sit on top of the warm clothes, close the door and repeat as necessary.

I just noticed where you want things for the morning. I would try any of the aforementioned suggestions to make sure the dough is completely thawed and then let it sit on any appliance that might be running during the night. We once had a kitten that found our TV converter to be a nice warm place to sleep on those cooler nights!

Sep 22
Where do you buy the frozen kaiser roll dough?

Sep 23
I have bought Individual rolls at Metro and Loblaws

Sep 24
Thank you. I didn't know you could ask for frozen ones. Do you know if this is limited to kaiser rolls?

Sep 25
A pal of mine gets croissants from Costco. You do have to go to the bakery and ask. Be persistent, some staff are not aware of the option and pricing can vary.

Sep 27
I knew about Costco because I got a box there once. You can also buy their cookies but the problem is you have to buy an entire box. I'm assuming that the frozen buns can be purchased in the grocery store in smaller amounts?

Sep 28
Yes. I usually get a dozen

Oct 1
@Tree Pug

Went to Loblaws on Merivale and they no longer sell frozen unbaked buns. She said they used to, but not any more. Can you tell me which locations you purchased them? For both Loblaws and Metro please. Thank you.

Oct 2
Loblaws Vanier Market and Metro Beechwood. Staff sometimes are unsure about how to process the transaction so be persistent. You also have to get them from the bakery counter where the staff member has to go into the freezer and bag them up for you. Good luck!