meat diapers [General]

Aug 15
You know those little blood bandages at the bottom of your package of meat? Yeah.

Are those compostable in the city bins? I know we can put meat and fat in, but I don't know about the rest.

Aug 16
I understood they were plastic and weird freaky absorbent stuff, and thus garbage, not compost or recycling.

And from now on i'm calling those things MEAT DIAPERS.

Aug 17
God. They are meat diapers.

Aug 18
Green bin accepts plastic film now. It is separated at source - so if there is something compostable in those things it will go through, if not no harm done.

Aug 18
Hmmmm. Maybe I should call the city to find out.
I ask because if I put it in the garbage, that sits around for a couple of weeks. If it composts, that goes outside pretty often. Stinky chicken diapers get pretty bad after a couple of days. It isn't like you can really wash them out, either. I mean, they're designed to soak up moisture. I've tried.

Aug 19
@Rizak - if they cant go in the compost, freeze them with other meat scraps until garbage day.

Aug 19
I try to avoid buying meat in styrofoam, in general, because this is where the meat nappies come from, and styrofoam sucks too. Can we put pressure on big grocery to do something about this? Really, those things are a giant PITA. You can get meat in paper, with paper lining from your local butcher.

Sep 25
I suppose if it was a really big problem, I could just look into one of these garbage freezers.