Where to buy LLB soda pop in Ottawa [Food/Vendor]

Jul 12
Does anyone know where to buy Angostura Lemon Lime & Bitters soda, in a can? Photo attached.

Maybe a Caribbean grocery store?

Jul 24
Hi. I used to sell this brand and how I miss it. Unfortunately unless someone is importing it directly, itís gone from Canada. We just couldnít get enough volume to support it.

Jul 25
Damn, I'd never heard of this soda but this thread caught my attention and i was watching it, hoping someone would have an answer. Sad to hear it's probably not around.

Jul 27
Amazon.com has it but not to Canada. When Ogdensburg is accessible in 2025 or so...

Jul 27
Would it not be possible to add some bitters to a lemon/lime soda as an appropriate substitute?

Jul 29
Oops. I forgot to mention that I'd tried to make this myself. I got a lemon-lime soda and added some of our Cangostura bitters. I'm pretty sure it was the same, but I had to add more than a teaspoon of bitters for the flavour to come through. It's easy for me because I make the stuff. I'd say to stick to the cans if you can get it.

It was oddly delicious, though.

Aug 1
@Rizak Oddly delicious enough to maybe recommend it with some gin? Because that sounds juuuuust about perfect.

Aug 2
HA HA! Yes. That's exactly the purpose to which I had put it.
I used Rangpur from Tanqueray. Its delicate flavours were masked a bit, but a delicious beverage nonetheless.

Aug 2
Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinteresting. I may have to replicate this, for scientific purposes.
I also have some Rangpur, so I will be able to replicate the experience. I also have some of your bitters. Any you'd particularly recommend?

Aug 3
I didn't want to make this into an obvious ad, but here we go. Use the FREE LOCAL PICKUP code found in the description in our Etsy shop.

Our Cangostura works very well. The Lemon and the Lime are also quite good. Orange would work in a pinch, just that the others would be better. Ginger and Lavender are particularly tasty.

I can't recommend the Hellfire with gin. Neither our Coffee or Chocolate, as there is too much going on.

Cherry Vanilla might be interesting, but I haven't tried it yet. Maybe with a less citrus-y gin.

Aug 5
Rangpur is stupid great. The other Tanqueray infused gins are good too.
Can also confirm from personal experience, Rizak's Cangostura and Lemon/Lime do fine fine things with the Rangur . I suspect that it's the anger that makes it so good.

Aug 5
I may or may not have tested this at lunch. Because it's Wednesday.

...it's really, really good. Did some of the Cangostura but a majority lime. Maybe 1/3rd to 2/3rd split. Deeeelicious.