Isolation Recreation [General]

Mar 28
The Ottawa Public Library site has an Isolation Recreation page and, among other excellent tools/activity ideas, is offering free access* to A to Z World Food by World Trade Press - "Learn more about food in history and culture while discovering thousands of traditional recipes." It's a database that covers food culture for 174 countries and features "7,000+ Recipes, 750+ World Beer Reviews, 650+ Ingredient Articles, 1,400+ Future Culture Articles, and 800+ Food Glossary Terms."

* with your library card sign-in (if you don't have a card, you can get a temporary one here )

Mar 29
Worth noting that (in my experience anyways) it can only be accessed by being logged into the library's website and following the link from there Also I use a Mac and it doesn't work on Chrome but works great on Safari. Great resource for ingredients etc. The recipes, not all that great but interesting ideas that will lead you to better versions elsewhere...

Apr 6
David Lebovitz is doing a daily (except Sunday) live Happy Hour at noon ET on Instagram here: demonstrating different drinks from his book Drinking French and "talking about French spirits and apéritifs, sharing some history and lore about iconic beverages such as French gin, vermouth from Chambéry, gentian liqueur, Chartreuse, Cap Corse apéritif from Corsica, cognac, orange liqueurs…and more!"
Most videos are archived (and on his Facebook link below) as well.