Bottle returns [Booze]

Mar 22
FYI: Beer Store has suspended bottle/can returns until the end of the month. In a related story, I was at the Convent Glen LCBO, (next door to the Beer Store, as God intended) and the exterior of the LC was festooned with signage encouraging people to practise social distancing while inside. I go in the store, wander around, and Iím the only person in the place, the interior of which was also liberally littered with signage. It was a somewhat surreal experience.

Mar 23
The LCBO (which is remaining open) has implemented congestion controls. I drove by the Hazeldean and Castlefrank location today and noticed a long queue outside. Perhaps people were stocking up, worried that it wouldn't remain open.

Mar 24
King Edward was doing that too, only letting one in at a time, having you questioned by a security guard and all that