Nov 23: Momo Spot Pop-Up [Events]

2019 Nov 16
Market season is over for now - you know what that means, its POP-UP TIME! You know pop-ups are always fun because we have a pop-up special that we introduce and they're always a hit!

Well this time round, we're doing more than 1 special - we're doing a few! You've loved the steamed momos but they an be enjoyed in a few other delicious ways! We'll have:

- Deep Fried
- Pan Fried
- Jhol Momos
- Chilli Momos

Hope to see you there with your friends! Cold weather calls for warm dumplings!

2019 Nov 16
Jhol Momos

2019 Nov 16
Deep-Fried Momos

2019 Nov 16
Chilli Momos

2019 Nov 16
Kothe Momos

2019 Nov 16
Also featuring our friend from Oh My Cheesecakes

2019 Nov 16
Forgot to share event link:

2019 Nov 16
I am so there.

....and may not eat for 12 hours before to have extra momospace.

Nov 25
Got there at 5. It was so packed, we couldn't attempt the lineup as we had young kids with us.

...i suggested just letting the little buggers fend for themselves while we lined up, but i was outvoted... apparently small children can't just be allowed to play in the street unsupervised when its dark and cold outside or something...

Jan 7
Oh no! Sorry to hear! The event was a bit crazy, everything is a blur haha! We're doing it all over again BUT we're doing it over 8 Saturdays so you should not see the crazy lineups! Details on the new event(s) here:

Feb 26
Last Winter Pop-Up at Good Eats this Saturday from 12-9PM. Thanks for everyone that has come through so far - its been a blast having a restaurant to run for the last 7 weekends! This is your chance to try out our pop-up specials that include our momos served in different ways including:

Johl (Soup)
Chilli/Hakka (Stir-fried in our spicy sauce with bell peppers and onions)

This Saturday, we're also brining back our Pop-Up Special from our second pop-up, the eclectic and eccentric BHOGATE SADHEKO - a refreshing sweet/savoury Pomelo+Grapefruit Salad! Hope to see you there!

Good Eats
473 Albert St

And we have MINI CHEESECAKES from Oh My Cheesecakes - including VEGAN Cheesecakes!

Feb 26
Open a restaurant!