Beet Juice? [Food/Vendor]

Apr 10
Hi all,

Due to health reasons, my Dr recommended I drink beet juice daily. My attempt at making it at home was....time consuming, unpleasant, and my fingers are still deep red. Is there anywhere that sells beet juice?

Apr 10
Herb and Spice on Wellington Street West, source: some guy on reddit (

Loblaws and Superstore seem to have something:

Raw Pulp and Grind has a "Heart Beet" juice, but it also includes orange, carrot, apple, and ginger

Renew cold press also has a beet mixture with apple, lemon, and ginger

The last two much pricier than the first two options.


Apr 10
If you're an Amazon Prime member, there is also this option with free shipping. It just takes a while to ship.

Apr 10
Urban Juice Press ( is another local option - I went into their storefront a few times when they were near the Parkdale Market.