Shrimp crackers or prawn crackers where to find? [General]

Apr 3
I am looking for some prawn crackers or shrimp crackers-the ones that Chinese stores sell that you cook in oil or the premade kind also.

I know you can get them in Chinatown,but I can not get there.

Does Foodbasics sell them? It is the store closest to me,but I do not think I have seen them there.

I know Walmart sells them online,but they have been sold out for a while now.

Apr 4
T&T has close to an entire aisle of them.

Apr 4
Green Fresh on MTL Rd.

Apr 26
Best Price Oriental in Kanata... local, family owned.

May 9
I actually found some at the new ethnic grocery store at the corner of walkley and heatherington.
They have 4 premade ones in bags and also the ones you cook yourself-so also got lobster chips/crackers and the shrimp kind.
Have not tried the lobster ones yet....

I am kind of afraid of any food with spices and only eating plain stuff,I had an allergic reaction to something I ate at Lonestar and ended up in the hospital for one day.