Potato Flour [Food/Vendor]

Jan 23
I am looking for potato flour (not potato starch). Does anyone know where I can find it?

Jan 23
I picked some up recently at Herb and Spice on Wellington. They had Bob's Red Mill (crazy expensive) but also a more generic bag (much cheaper), both on the metal racks by the spice cabinets. I opted for the generic one.

Jan 24
Thank you. I live near there and will check it out.

Jan 26
Bulk Barn for sure has potato flour.

Jan 27
I was at the Merivale Rd. location and couldn't find it. I asked and was told they didn't carry it. At which BB did you see it?

Jan 27
Strange. I was sure I saw it the last time I was at the Billings Bridge location but of course I could be wrong. Maybe you should call ahead instead of taking my advice on this one - sorry!

Jan 28
The Bulk Barn website lists the products they carry ....... www.bulkbarn.ca/en/Products

I have used this a few times when looking for something specific. Click on the hourglass in the top right-hand corner and type in whatever it is you need. It is quite an extensive listing but looks like something that is setup and maintained at their head office and may or may not be an accurate representation of what each store location carries.

As for potato flour, I just picked some up at Green Bean Natural Foods in Arnprior a couple of weeks ago, so maybe a similar type store in Ottawa might carry it. I've only used it in a soup so far and loved it. You can taste the potato flavour. It is suppose to add a unique texture to breads so I intend to try that next.

Jan 29
@Big Dill

Bread is what I want it for, as well.

Jan 29
Some of the Bulk Barns in town are changing from franchise-owned back to corporate-owned so their inventory is low right now and won't be replaced until the change over is complete - ran into this at South Keys and Gloucester Centre.

Jan 31
Thanks all. I bought some at Herb and Spice.