Dai Bao, Banh Bao or Big Steamed Bun in Ottawa? [Food/Vendor]

Jan 11
Hi everyone,

This is my current obsession! Anyone know where I can find them in Ottawa? Fresh or frozen?

I don't mean the open faced buns at gongfu bao or the little soup dumplings. They are size of a burger and stuffed with Chinese sausage, meat and egg.

I've had them in Montreal, Toronto, Fort Lauderdale and Paris (told you I was obsessed) but sadly can't find them here. No joy at T&T either.

Thanks in advance!

Jan 11
I usually pick them up, Banh Bao, at Phuoc Loi (Somerset St W). It's in the fridge next to the cash. I think they get them from Toronto. Call before you go, in case they run out. [Dai Bao - any dim sum place]

Jan 12
T&T had them today.

Hot red bean at the buffet and a few others cold to go. Pork that I saw for certain.

Jan 12
Oh, interesting. I have never seen them at this T&T. The ones in Vancouver has a whole cart with baos with different content.

Feb 2
Confundo was spot on in Phou Loi! They get them from Toronto. As for those at T&T and dim sum, they are smaller and have different filling. I grew up eating Dai Bao or Banh bao as a meal since it had: spiced pork stuffing, boiled egg or quail egg and Chinese sausage. Iíve had ones chicken and mushroom that are t bad but itís the pork egg sausage combo that reminds me of home! Thanks everyone!