fresno chili [General]

Dec 8
I was wondering if anyone knows a store where they sell these.
I'm out of town and these are not sold in our area so would like to narrow down a section of Ottawa before going to the big city.
just came across an old paper that had a recipe for eggs benedict with avocado and lime mojo that looked interesting.

Dec 9
Tiendinita possibly but I would call ahead.

Dec 10
I haven't seen it but, besides La Tiendinita on Merivale, two others worth a phone call are Little Latin America on Somerset and Mercado on Montreal Rd.
I had a look for the recipe as it sounded good and found this
Looks really good and I wondered how I'd missed it seeing as Laura Robin rec's are usually pretty darn good - then I saw the date - Dec. 23 - and that made the reason pretty obvious.
I would sub some of my ground Crimson Hot chilies for the Fresno...but I'm glad you asked the question, solstice.

Dec 10
Produce Depot Carrie's a good selection of peppers. Might be worth a call.

Dec 10
What if Carrie isn't working that day?

Dec 11
La Colonia in Vanier might be worth a shot. They have a good selection of dried peppers.