So I blew up a duck [Cooking]

2018 Apr 28
With an air compressor, that is. Why, you may ask? To separate the Ĺ+ cm layer of fat from the meat, which would hopefully help to render it completely out of the duck during roasting.

2018 Apr 28
This all started a couple of months ago when I impulse-bought a frozen grade A Brome Lake duck on special for $1.29/lb at Food Basics. Iíve roasted duck using a few different methods before, but there was always a thick layer of fat left between the skin and the meat. So this time, I researched Peking and Cantonese roast duck recipes on YouTube, and indeed one of the preparation steps I learned was inflating the duck. Other steps used included basting the duck with boiling water to seize the skin and open its pores, basting it with a maltose-red vinegar solution to give the skin a deep bronzed colour during roasting, suspending the bird in a fridge for 48 hrs to rid the skin of as much internal moisture as possible (it looked quite ropey after that), and then roasting it vertically to keep the skin free from any surface contact.

2018 Apr 28
And the result? It took 2 and a half days but it worked, by gosh it worked. The fat layer between the skin and meat was completely rendered out, the skin was shatteringly crisp, and everyone at the dinner table loved it.

Iíll never make it again.

2018 Apr 28
That is one beautiful roasted duck. You should be proud.

2018 Apr 30
Pete, i do not use the word 'fowl hero' lightly, but you, sir...

2018 May 1
Best post ever... especially the punch line! 👍👍👍

2018 May 2
Come on, you were thinking it.

2018 May 2
Amazing. I love the never again though LOL

2018 May 12
I did peking duck once when I was working in Prague and doing a Chinese new years dinner for friends and have memories of using my hairdryer on the duck. Never again for me too lol

Apr 8
Where did you find the maltose? Ideally if it's near Kanata.


May 20
Best Price Oriental in Kanata, small white tubs with red lids.