lamb bacon [Food/Vendor]

2017 Dec 11
Hi everyone,

A good friend of mine came across a story on lamb bacon (see the linked article below). He (and I) are wondering if there are any stores in the Ottawa area that sell it. I do not recall ever seeing this. Any suggestions?


2017 Dec 12
I did not even know that this was a thing but now i MUST TRY IT!

2017 Dec 12
Me too! Just need a supplier!

2017 Dec 13
Sooner or later it will show up. Saslove's might be a good place to ask.

I've had duck bacon (yum), turkey bacon (meh), 'beef fry' bacon (close to the real thing), and coconut bacon (addictive, albeit not 'bacon'). I feel a need to sample all the bacons.

2017 Dec 29
Produce Depot Carling has salmon bacon, I tried it. Very tasty, very filling. It doesn't shrink like traditional bacon, so two slices was plenty for me. I'd love to try lamb bacon.