Itty bitty Jam jars [General]

2012 Aug 21
Looking to buy these individual serving jams but haven't been able to find the 1.5oz jars :s
If anyone knows where to find them please let me know! Seems like I've been looking everywhere lready

2012 Aug 22
I know they can be ordered from Richard's Packaging, and from Dominion & Grimm. They may have minimum quantities though.

And my guess is it would be easier to email and ask for what you are looking for. Not everything is shown on the website. That's what we do when we're looking for something.

2012 Aug 22
Thanks so much for your help. Mission accomplished!
I had literally run out of Ideas checking on everything from Michaels to Walmart to Bulk Barn, Party stores and even restaurant suppliers....and a few things in between.