Christmas Morning Wife Saver [Recipes]

2011 Dec 22
My mom used to make this every year. You prepare it ahead of time and then just pop it in the oven in the morning so you don't have to spend hours making breakfast for everyone (whoever you are).

It's a bit church-lady/white trash, but I actually really like it.

This seems to be the exact recipe that I've helped mom make a few times, so I won't bother transcribing it.

It's got bread, eggs, bacon (or ham), onions and peppers, cheese, milk and cereal. I think that's pretty much all the bases covered. It's a quick casserole that certainly got a lot of use in my family.

2011 Dec 22
We have been doing a version of this for years!! We dont use bacon or ham, green pepper or corn flakes. I guess that makes ours even trashier!! Serve with really good pickle or relish (Maritime chow chow is the best!) We are elevating things this year with some art is in goodies. Salad is good if its brunch time!

2011 Dec 23
I had this, and made something similar too. There is a lot you can add to make it extra good. (smoked poblano peppers comes to mind). It seems I'm commenting on a lot of white trash food lately - perhaps my palate is not as refined as I though it was. :)

2011 Dec 23
Aw, heckfire there boy. Refinin's fer oil! Foods is fer eatin'!

I don't care what it is. If you like it, don't apologize. I suppose the same goes for stuff you hate. Also, changing your mind is fine, so don't get hung up on opinions.

2011 Dec 28

I tried a sort of similar version at a restaurant- but instead of bread they used sliced potatoes.

It actually came with some chicken I ordered. The girl working there told me they ran out of rice, but had a potato dish with eggs and cheese.

Turns out it was sliced potatoes w egg, cheese, some vegetables and I forget what else. It was pretty good (did not match up w chicken brochette) but still very tasty.

I dislike "regular white bread" (always have, even as a kid).
So using potatoes or baguette would be tastier!