Knefeh/Knafeh/Kunafah [Food/Vendor]

2010 Nov 5
And like, 13 other spellings lol

AKA my new obsession. Bil Jibne (with cheese), the Lebanese kind, please and thank you. Although I'd be willing to try different ones, it can't NOT be good :)

For those who don't know what this marvelous piece of Yum is, it's a kind of sweet pastry, drizzled with sweet syrup, served in between a sesame seed bun with a thin slice of cheese. Served warm and melty. If there are conoisseurs out there, sorry if my description is lame, but that's my best description as a Canadian born French Canadian lol.

I've tried the one from Mid-East Food Centre as well as the one from La Brioche and the other bakery in the Glebe. Do you know of a place that sells them closer to the public servant ghetto or, even better, in Hull?

2010 Nov 5
I know what you are talking about.
Malak pastry has those usually on the weekends and sometimes during the week.
They sell theirs by the weight I think-or at least the filling "cheese" dough part, and not too sure how the pricing works.

The owner there told me it is supposed to be a kind of Arabic breakfast?
I'm not a big fan of cheese is desserts,but did try this a few times and know it is better warmed up.

What kind of cheese is in it, it kind of seemed like mozzarella,but was probably something else.
I know they also have a thing with the same semolina dough and cream inside and I like that better.

When I go there I try and buy just the sesame "buns" or bread to eat at home with stuff (nice for dip, sandwich ect..even tho it is not really meant for that,lol).

Malak is at Bank and Sunnyside around-not exactly downtown.
I would maybe call to make sure they have some as they do not have every pastry every day (still waiting to get their cookies with the chocolate in the middle..have not seen those for weeks...)

I don't know too many middle eastern bakeries I have just been to Malak and Brioche and that's it...

2010 Nov 5
I don't have anywhere to recommend, as this is best freshly made. You can buy the pastry and the cheese and it comes together quite quickly. I have a recipe somewhere--I can post it for you if you'd like to take a crack at it yourself.

2010 Nov 6
There's a place on St-Laurent and Donald called "Cheateau Fine Pastry" that makes a pretty good knefeh. We always buy ours there when we're in the mood for it.


2010 Nov 6
What kind of cheese is in this?
I will ask next time I go to Malak pastry,but not too sure if different places use different things?

I know at Brioche a few weeks ago they had this with cheese and the top part was orange looking-not sure if it was food colour or what.

Malak also has a similar pastry but instead of cheese it is a thick cream inside-I like those better.

I'll try to make it to St laurent and donald st sometime!

At Malak if you go there stuff is made pretty much daily. they never have all the same pastries every day, some are just on weekends I was told.
they have the regular baklava all the time though.
But I give Malak pastry a small minus because their prices are very high and it is easy to spend a lot in that place.
(baklava is around $25kg and cookies are a bit less I think, but lately I saw some prepackaged "day old"? pastries and some cake for much less,they looked fine and I'm sure are still tasty).

Here is a link with the names and descriptions of many middle eastern pastries.
it is quite helpful-not that I can remember the names of all these.

I really like the #12 Shaaybiat bel ashta
Crispy and Crunchy wheat layers filled by fresh milk cream (Ashta),
designed with rose blossom and Pistachio.

-it is like filo dough with the cream inside, they do not have these often though.

I think Malak pastry is worth going to just to get their homemade ice creams, they even have arabic style ice creams that are different and good.
their dark chocolate ice cream is really good (but none the past week when i went :(, also the chocolate and rasberry ice cream is nice and quite tart and one of my favorites.
usually I hate chocolate ice cream with fruit,but this one is really good and not that sweet.
I've probably tried every flavor of ice cream they make by now (I usually go to the grocery store across the steet and always get a cup of ice cream on the way back).
The blueberry gelato was also very good, and their pistachio ice cream actually tastes like real pistachio and not like almond extract like pretty much every other one I've tried in this city.

2010 Nov 26
Thanks everyone!

Travelicious: I'd love the recipe! I love trying new recipes, especially when they work out! :)