Looking for Food Reviewers [General]

2010 Jul 16
Hi Foodies:

I've been busy working on a new website for the Old Ottawa South Community Association (OSCA), and am now looking for reviewers who would like to review one of the restaurants or food outlets "between the bridges", as we like to say.

Taylor's, of course, but there are also:

- Carmen's Veranda
- Serious Cheese (both their prepared food and their cheese selection)
- take-out from Cedar's (not quite open yet, but any day they say!)
- Life of Pie (which is moving from Leonard and Hopewell to Bank Street soon)
- Namaste (the new Indian place-I think that's what it's called)at the foot of OOS and Riverdale
- Wag (? -it's a dog cafe as well as a pet store--I don't know about food there)
- 6th Sense catering on Bank
- the other caterer--sorry, I forget the name-also on Bank Street
- Trillium Bakery

Am I missing anyone else?

Pictures would of course be nice, and will get your article, with your byline, on our front page! (Which is what we call our home page).

We are trying to make the website lively and informative for our community, and anyone else interested in the goings on of Old Ottawa South, so you are very welcome to register on the website and receive our weekly email newsletter, which has articles and events for the coming weeks in our area. It's just once a week, on Thursdays, so won't clutter your mailbox.

If you would like to submit an article, please do so by noon on Wednesday if you wish your article to appear in that week's newsletter. It will appear on the website as soon as it is reviewed, of course, and will appear in the next week's newsletter in any case.

We are all volunteers, so unfortunately there is no payment for articles--just your name in lights! You can have a brief bio., though, to advertise your foodie skills if you're in the food business (or even if you are not).

Visit www.oldottawasouth.ca and Click Create an Account on the upper right of the screen.

To submit an article, email webeditor@oldottawasouth.ca


2010 Jul 16
I forgot to mention that we are also interested in short write-ups about the Farmer's Market vendors: either a specific vendor, or a review of several who offer the same type of products. You may also be interested in comparing prices, etc.

Pictures accompanying them are always most welcome, and will get you on the front page!

Submit any time to webeditor@oldottawasouth.ca

Eat and enjoy, then write!