Ekko de Brazil----not worth the $$! [General]

2010 Jul 3
My husband and I were both excited to hear that a new Brazilian restaurant opened in Aylmer, after having an amazing taste of this type of restaurant at Fogo de Chao in Texas. The meal starts with a salad bar buffet and then you proceed to wait for the "gauchos" to come around with various types of meats on skewers. In my previous experience, I was amazed at the prompt service and hustle and bustle atmosphere that these gauchos display while you're eating. As soon as you flip your card to green which means you're ready for more meat, they were right by your side, sometimes, more than one at a time offering you the best selections/cuts of meats. However , tonight we were sadly disappointed by the lack luster of this place. There were only 2 gauchos for the first 30 minutes going around and by the time they got to you , you had already been waiting for 5 plus minutes with your card flipped to green. We ended up flipping our card for the whole meal so that we actually kept some meat on our plate to accompany our salad. My husband and I are not big people and don't eat alot, but for $42 dollars a plate, we expect to have more than we can handle. Besides the lack of meat circulating the restaurant, the meat itself was of poor quality and cheap cuts. The only enjoyable ones were the chicken wrapped in bacon and the leg of lamb. All the beef was overcooked and lacked flavor. The salad bar looked like a high school cafeteria and most dishes were empty and this was only at 7:30pm. We only made one trip and our restaurant visit was short lived. The waiters seemed nice, however, sporadic visits meant that we only had 1 drink as our waiter forgot to come back to take our order for a drink after he delivered the drink menu again. We weren't offered dessert or coffee/tea...

We will not go back and would much rather spend $42 at the Keg for a great meal with great service.

I would wait for a real Brazilian restaurant to come here or head to Montreal before you go here!!!