Perfect Ham Hocks [General]

2009 Nov 9
Hi, I am looking for any input on how to make Bavarian-style ham hocks (schweinshaxe) with perfectly crispy skin. I made some on the weekend, and slowly braised the hocks in stock for about 5ish hours in a really low oven inside a dutch oven. Then I roasted them in a very hot oven on top of a bed of sauerkraut. It turned out great, but the skin was not perfectly crispy all the way around as the skin had deteriorated a bit during the braising process and didn't perfectly surround the hock. Perhaps it is as simple as I should not have braised the hocks so long, but I am wondering if anybody makes this dish and has any ideas...

The attached pic gives an example of what I am trying to achieve...I took it relatively recently in Strasbourg...and it was soo good!