Low sodium cottage cheese [Food/Vendor]

2009 Aug 4

Does anyone know where I could find some low sodium cottage cheese in Ottawa? I live in Hintonburg, and I've checked Herb & Spice, The Bagel Shop, the Metro on Wellington, and the RCSS on Richmond. I came up with none at all of those places.


2009 Aug 6
Have you considered making your own cottage cheese? You can then control exactly the amount of salt in the final product.

It's easier then you think :)

(I use the first recipe)

2009 Aug 8
I just read the first recipe. That is how you make paneer. It's still a bit different than cottage cheese.

And to make paneer into cubes, all you have to do is squeeze out the excess water and flatten it out.

2009 Aug 9
Not that I like to promote them, but there's a President's Choice cottage cheese that is much lower in sodium. Compared to a ghastly 530 mg that was in a Dairyland product I recently ate, the PC version clocks in around 290 mg for the same 1/2 cup serving. The lower sodium doesn't affect the flavour.

2009 Aug 11
The two brands I've read online that offer low sodium cottage cheese are Lucerne, and Friendship. The former being Canadian, you'd think I'd be able to find it somewhere in the city! Checked the cheese store in the market, and Metro on Rideau. Still no dice :(

2009 Aug 15
Western Creamery makes a no salt pressed cottage cheese- not sure if that would suit your needs. I know that they sell this product at Produce Depot on Carling.