Where to get Crazy Grain bread

2012 Sep 1
Everyone I've introduced this bread to has raved about it. It's also a great one to have around when you have out-of-town guests (as I currently do), since it elevates simple toast in the morning to something a little more special.



2012 Feb 8
i got a big sized loaf cut thin on monday ,, it was called Crazy grain .. it might be the best addition to breakfast since the egg ,, lol ,, this bread is so very delicious and it has replace all bread for brekkie and i catch myself toasting peices for no reason all day and eating them 10 / 10

2012 Feb 7
I love this bread for breakfast, cut thick and toasted with a touch of butter and honey. It's a beautiful dark brown colour (wheat, rye and spelt with molasses) and you can buy a smaller loaf for $5 and a large loaf for $7.


2012 Dec 12
They have these loaves called "Walking Bread" and there are 3 kinds:

carrot and raisin (i think)
fruit and nut (sprouted kamut, currants, dates, apricots, almonds, walnuts, sunflower, hempnut).

I had the latter and it is DELICIOUS. Heavy, filling and tasty, nutty and just a tad sweet! Good on its own (I've been taking bites out of it like a candy bar - don't judge me, I live alone) or sliced and toasted and buttered like a grown-up. Very tasty.